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 gm aplacation

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PostSubject: gm aplacation   Sun May 06, 2007 5:10 am

hey sin and rayy it hitsugaya in the game my name is tyler and i have experience with being a gm ive been a gm in 2 other narut games

Naruto Denkou Higyou(GM/Kage) in sanos game
and naruto addictions(GM)

you guys always are getten asked dumbass questions like where is lee or when is the chunin exam. i will help you take care of those ppl and i keep them out of your hair so you can focus on the updates. i wont abuse my powers ad ill make sure no one and i mean NoOne will bug u so plz alow me to be a GM.


plz make me a GM
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gm aplacation
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