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 Application for swordsmen

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PostSubject: Application for swordsmen   Mon Apr 23, 2007 1:28 am

Very Happy Hey can i be a sworsmen im pretty strong and i play alot and if you say no can you please tell me how to become one i really want to be sworsmen number three before anyone gets it but if you cant it doesnt matter which one after that but please i want swordsmen number three and i sweaar to listen to you and the rules Thank you for your time and if u need to have experiance of being a good enforcer im a GM on three other games that are rarely on so i could focus on this game and if u need to reach me my e-mail is and if i dont reply after two days my other e-mail is please try first one first)Thank you again for your time and i hope you will take my request to consideration Very Happy
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Application for swordsmen
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