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 List of Techniques that Need Fixing...

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PostSubject: List of Techniques that Need Fixing...   Sat Apr 14, 2007 8:50 pm

Alright, so some techniques have at least one bug that prevents them from working as intended, or they are COMPLETELY overpowered, and here's a handy list of them to help Rayy out. ;o

- Lotus: The text box to pick a gate doesn't even pop up. There was another reported case of this bug besides myself.
- Ice Mirrors: This technique is WAY overpowered. It allows the user to make 9 mirrors around an opponent, which are easy enough to get out of...However, after the mirrors are out, when you kill the user, one of the mirrors breaks instead...This means you have to kill the user 10 times to finally kill them...That's insane, especially if they have capped HP. >_>

That's all for now, I 'll edit this list when it needs editing. o.o
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List of Techniques that Need Fixing...
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