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 Gm app (co-owned with goditz on NBoTLS)

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PostSubject: Gm app (co-owned with goditz on NBoTLS)   Sat Apr 14, 2007 6:38 pm

name: Josh

Key: Worldbombers

Byond name: XellossV

Expirience: Co-owner of NboTLS with GODITZ t'll 2 weeks after hand sign practice begam: helped the game start from scratch!!! Co-owner of Dragonball janemba's Desire. lvl 5 gm on naruto legend of the Special ed Shinobi. Lvl 3 gm on naruto, dark shinobi. lvl 3 gm on naruto Avengers. lvl 4 gm on naruto Shinobi Warriors, lvl 5 gm on NAruto rise of the Clans. Co-owner of Dragonball Kai ran by mathew. Co owner of dragonball interwined Destinies. Lvl 4 gm on Dragonball Fall of the Saiyans as well as 4-5 other dragionball/naruto games

Helping staff wise: I can icon clothes, weapons, and such if needed. Base icons help speed up the iconing

Why you want to be a gm???: I want to be a gm for several reasons. One reason is that i have been helpfull to many games of 2006 and know whats needs to happen and when it needs to. By having this expirience i know what can be done, added, or set up to bring the game to it's full potential. As you can see by Nbotls the game was worked from the start with a nice schedual, nice meetings, and so on. Another reason is that i know how to use my powers if given to the best of my need. Abusing them is something you will nto need to worry about. I will use them when needed and that only. laslty, i can work my hardest, work as long ass needed, to help this game rise to the top of the byond ranking.

contact info: To contact me i normally am on msn and my msn is if not i can regularly check this forum and will also be on the game
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Gm app (co-owned with goditz on NBoTLS)
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