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 SO rules, regulations, requirements and roster

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PostSubject: SO rules, regulations, requirements and roster   Tue Apr 10, 2007 8:15 pm

Kazo here, current Sound Organization leader. here are both the game and my personal rules and requirments.

-Obey all game rules to the fullest. While being in my organization, you will be expected to be a model for the perfect player for this game. I will not tolerate cockiness or the disobeying of orders. That includes GM's and me.

-Stay active, I don't want members that will be on once every week or two weeks. It does not show initiative, and I won't have it.

-While the disobeying of rules usually gets you a mute or ban, my authority will be more severe. I work on a 2 strike system. 2nd strike and your out of my organization.

-While the level requirement of 25k will be enforced, I am going to need more than that. Like the Akatsuki, I will be testing both your strength, knowledge of the map, and attentiveness to the game.

This is all I require for the time being, follow these things and you will be good with me

Current Roster:

~SO Leader~

~SO Members~

~Sound 5~
Sakuse Mike
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SO rules, regulations, requirements and roster
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