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 Akatsuki Roster

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PostSubject: Akatsuki Roster   Sat Apr 07, 2007 7:41 pm

(Yes, I stole the topic name. >_>)

Allo, it's Arinel here, the current and hopefully permanant leader of Akatsuki in this wonderful game. First, I'd like to explain a few things:

- As mentioned on the hub, you must be level 35k or higher to join the ranks of Akatsuki. No exceptions, even for GMs.
- The process to join Akatsuki is fairly simple. First, acquire the required level (25k). After that, I'll probably have a little chat with you, and ask you to fight me in the arena so I can judge your combat abilities and your overall personality. Please, if you wish to join Akatsuki, do not use Chatspeak in the game (u, r, lol, etc.) I'd like to hold all members to a certain standard so our organization will be respected in game. Finally, if you make it through these steps, I will ask you to meet me at a certain spot in the world, just so I can see how well you know the land. The purpose of this is to make sure if we are gathering or raiding in a certain spot, you won't have any problems getting there independently.
- If you make it into Akatsuki, please try to be as active as possible. I realise people may have prior commitments that take priority over a computer game, but if your inactivity gets too excessive, you will lose your spot in the organization.

Now that that is all taken care of, I have one last detail to share with you about this organization. Right now, as I type this, there are four Akatsuki members, not counting myself. Unfortunately, to ensure Akatsuki serves its purpose as an elite, exclusive organization, I will not be taking more than 8 or 10 members, excluding myself. Because of this, if you want a spot in Akatsuki, train as hard as you can so you can nab a position before someone else gets it.

That about wraps it up. Now, here's the list of our wonderful members as of right now (this will be updated whenever a new member is inducted):

Leader - Arinel

Elite - Nighthawk
Elite - Trai
Elite -
Elite -
Elite -
Elite -
Elite -
Elite -
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PostSubject: Re: Akatsuki Roster   Sun Apr 29, 2007 8:42 am

im ready to tryout for akatski i meet lvl regs and was wondering if you would test me Smile
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Akatsuki Roster
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