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 Admin app.

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Registration date : 2007-04-01

PostSubject: Admin app.   Sun Apr 01, 2007 12:34 am

IGN: Ace
Key: SpartanWarrior122

Experience : Naruto Lost Dreams I am co owner, I was Gm on another Naruto game i have lost memory of the name the owners key was Stealth41 or something close to that. I have had gm on other games but i have long since forgotten their names. My newest position is on Sinjikings Naruto Sokkat Eddition 2 as co owner.

Reason For Wanting Admin: I would like to help the game if i am picked i would definetely make sure the game is enjoyable by all. I love to be able to help everyone I can.

Reason You Should Pick Me : I have never abused gm ever. I have never been stripped of gm for any reason. I have never been banned or ipbanned on any game. I make sure to listen to other peoples queries and answer them as best I can. No matter how tedious things get I always keep a calm head. Usually I warn 3 or 4 times before any punshiment is given out.

I hope you pick me as an admin.

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Admin app.
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